New Work at Marks and Gardner Gallery

View all the latest pastels and paintings from Dave's latest solo exhibition, 'Trees of the Forest' in the Works section of this website now. The show opened at Marks and Gardner Gallery Friday 19th September. It features pastels and oil paintings of the different forests that surround Dave at his studio on Beechmont.
"One of the interesting things about the landscape around my studio is that the forests vary dramatically between open eucalypt forest and rainforest. This is mainly to do with changes in the soil types, rather than difference in rainfall. The forest around the studio is open eucalypt, but only a short drive away, I can walk into Lamington National Park and be surrounded by the misty rainforests, that are home to trees such as the Antarctic Beech, which are thousands of years old."
These ancient trees were inspiration for some of the new work, which began with a series of pastels. "Once I had completed a number of pastel drawings, I used these as study works for larger paintings. This series of work is very much about the colours and textures of the different forest types. The time of year also influenced the work, especially the open forest pieces, which feature the colours and tones of winter."
Trees of the Forest continues until 19 October. Marks and Gardner Gallery is located at 69 Main Western Rd, North Tamborine and is open Wednesdays to Sundays (9am to 4pm). ph 07 5545 4992

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